Our Onwers Meet the Staff of Vyper Broadcasting:
~Donny aka Dangerous~ Owner

~Jason aka Mystic~ C0 Owner/Web Master

~Now Hiring~ Station Manager

~Now Hiring~ DJ Manager

~Now Hiring~ Promotions Manager

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EMAIL:  Contact@vyperbroadcasting.com

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    Warning: Explicit Lyrics will be heard on this station. Please listen responsibly.
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11/1/2017 :
Vyper Broadcasting was born from the ashes of two merging stations.

Vyper Radio and High Octane Radio have merged
To become Vyper Broadcasting,
The new Home to Vyper Radio

Do you have what it takes?
We only ask that you meet two requirements::

1) Not be working with     another Station

2) Be committed to the     success of this station

Email Mystic at Contact@vyperbroadcasting.com